Photoshop Tutorial: Finished Slide

Photoshop Tutorial: Make A Slide

Most contemporary churches make heavy use of visual media during their Sunday services, whether to help communicate a sermon, an announcement or even just to help with the aesthetics of the room. I like to call these “Sunday slides”, and in this Adobe Photoshop tutorial, I’ll show you a really simple way to make a nice looking slide in just a few minutes. If you want to skip the text, scroll down to the video:

The Example

This is what we’re going to be creating:

Photoshop Tutorial: Finished Slide

I found this template on, but I wanted to recreate it in a Photoshop tutorial to show you how easy it is to do it yourself.

Step 1: The Background

Generally, more and more projectors are going widescreen, so we’ll start there. Common widescreen dimensions are 1920px x 1080px. Since it will be displayed digitally, we will choose RGB for our settings (more info on this here)

Then, simply drag your desired image onto the slide and reposition as necessary. Simple! It doesn’t have to be this photo – almost any photo will work:

Photoshop Tutorial: Slide with no background

Step 2: The Box

Draw a rectangle (it doesn’t have to be white), and use the ‘align’ option to ensure that it’s both vertically and horizontally centered. Duplicate the rectangle, add a 1px ‘stroke’ (this is a coloured outline for the shape) and then make the second box very slightly smaller than the first. Make sure the second box is higher than the first in the ‘layers’ section.

Some helpful shortcuts:
Command + T = “Transform” (in other words, change the size of the shape)
Command + J = “Duplicate” (click on a layer and hit this shortcut to quickly duplicate it)

It should look similar to this:

Photoshop tutorial: white box

Step 3: The Text

Create a text box and write the content for your quote. In this case, the font was “Playfair Display Regular”. Open the Character window (window/character) and adjust the various settings accordingly. Position as required.

Add another text box for your author line; this time, use all caps with the “Raleway” font. Adjust accordingly, and you’re good to go! Hopefully, your slide will look something like the example!

Watch In Real Time

To show you how quick this is, I made a video to recreate this slide in real time. The majority of my time was taken up with trying to make it exactly like the example slide, but if you weren’t using specific inspiration you could probably do this in a fraction of the time. I hope you find this helpful! Happy designing!


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