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Top 5 Online Learning Resources

In the year 2000, online learning was no big thing. It was the year I watched “The Matrix” for the first time (I was certainly too young). As a stereotypical boy, I loved the fight scenes and all that went with it. However, perhaps the most profound scene for me was this brief scene with Neo and Trinity:

I always loved the crazy idea that you could learn new skills and abilities on demand and in an instant. Almost two decades have passed and that idea is no longer so ridiculous. The ever-evolving landscape of the online world has reached such a place that we can learn what we want, when we want, for a fraction of the traditional price. We live in a time where for a good deal of us, barriers to learning are lower than ever.

The Complete Church Creative is entirely focused on helping you to learn, grow and ultimately be more effective in your personal ministry. Here are our 5 top online learning resources that can be found elsewhere:

1. YouTube

online learning

The Big Daddy of online resources. There is very little that cannot be learned from YouTube, and best of all – it’s free. Take a look at “The Bible Project” or “Desiring God” for some exceptionally great content.

2. Udemy

Udemy has an extensive collection of online courses. They are often high quality, competitively priced and do not run a subscription based model which makes it extremely appealing for many. We have personally taken and highly recommend:

Adobe Illustrator CC Tutorial – Training Taught By Experts
Ultimate Ableton Live COMPLETE
The Complete Video Production Bootcamp
After Effects CS6
Beginning Project Management
Music Theory for Pop and Rock Musicians

3. SkillShare

online learning

SkillShare is very similar to Udemy, but it seems to be much more practical. In our experiences with SkillShare so far, the tutors work on a project of their own whilst explaining their thought process which has been extremely helpful as a follow up to Udemy courses. If you are interested in Adobe Illustrator and graphic design, we highly recommend Chris Leavens, DKNG Studios or Hayden Aube.


Lynda was the first online learning website many of us used (aside from YouTube), and it has proved to be extremely useful. However, whilst we can’t fault the content, it doesn’t have the same appeal to us as SkillShare or Udemy. It’s definitely worth checking out to see if it’s right for you, though.

5. The Gospel Coalition

The Gospel Coalition recently released an extensive collection of fantastic lectures for those looking to go deeper into their Bible study and understanding of theology. It is truly a fantastic resource and perhaps best of all, it’s free. You can legitimately get a Bible school education without the college level costs to accompany it. If you are serious in your area of ministry, we couldn’t recommend it more highly.


That’s our top five. Would you add any resources to this list? If so, what? Let us know!


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