Why a Theology Section?

Why have a section entirely dedicated to theology in a website about the creative arts? I mean, you’re probably just visiting because you want to learn how to use Photoshop for your sermon slides or how to play a Hillsong track on guitar. Right? Well, it’s a perfectly legitimate question, but with what I think is quite a straightforward answer.

Because I think we need it.

Creative arts in the church can be one of the most beautiful and exciting expressions of worship, discipleship and evangelism. However, when our motives are even slightly off, it can pull us off track faster than your town’s best tug of war team! Theology and creativity in the church are inseparable.

Theology and creativity in the church are inseparable.

Perhaps you have no idea what the word even means – these articles are for you. Maybe you have a good understanding of the word and of some fairly crucial concepts, but you want to learn more about the theology of worship. This will be for you too…once we cover some other basics too.

In the mean time, sign up for the newsletter, comment if you have any questions and give your all to your church in the name of Jesus!


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