Learn Music Theory For Free!

There’s no getting around it – if you want your worship team to improve, you must spend time working on music theory. The youth band I had the privilege of overseeing at one of my previous church had around 50 members in the team ranging between 11-18. What was special about them, is that almost all of them knew what the Nashville Number System was, how to transpose on the fly and how to play in such a way that truly complimented the song. It was mind-blowing.

Music theory is important!

So much so, in fact, that I put a two-hour music theory course together on Udemy that covers almost everything that someone might need, should they want to join or grow in a worship team environment. And the best news of all?

It’s FREE!

I’m passionate about resourcing the church more than profiting from it; so if you want to learn music theory, simply click on the picture below and use the coupon code “ALL_TO_JESUS” to take the course for FREE. Otherwise, you can find the course at udemy.com/practicalmusictheory.

Let me know how you get on – happy learning!

*DISCLAIMER* You might notice it says that it’s for “Pop and Rock Musicians”, but that was simply to appeal to a wider audience – every principle is still highly relevant to a worship context!


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